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Victoria Clinic is a multidisciplinary health care facility which was established in December 2009 at 50 Luis Street, Woodbrook, Trinidad. At Victoria Clinic we provide a comfortable and relaxing environment, in a secure area with ample parking. At Victoria Clinic, we aim to provide timely and effective delivery of health care services utilising both Eastern and Western medical treatment and healing protocols. Our philosophy is based on the empowerment of clients through education so that they will become more accountable and proactive in their quest for healthy lifestyles.

Basic Medical

This is a consultation for an acute problem such as a cold, or injury.

Executive Medical

An executive medical includes thorough medical interview and examination, a full battery of diagnostic tests as suited for the individual and a light breakfast is included

Healthy Person Medical

During a healthy person medical a full medical examination is carried out, your immunization details are updated, and applicable screening tests are recommended and/or conducted.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

This is a consultation based on the diagnostic model of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It lasts about 45 minutes, and involves an interview and tongue, pulse and abdominal diagnosis according to the TCM model.


This is an ancient Chinese medical practice, and at Victoria Clinic we offer acupuncture if after a Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis, it is determined that it can help. Also we use acupuncture for acute injuries, headaches and also some acute conditions which are known to be treated by acupuncture. Acupuncture involves the use of small needles being inserted into the skin at specific points as determined by an established diagnostic protocol. This is virtually painless and the needles are all single-use and sterile needles.

Treatment Procedures

At Victoria Clinic, we offer basic treatment procedures such as minor suturing and attention to acute injuries that do not require hospitalization or hospital attention.


Blood testing

At Victoria Clinic, we offer a wide variety of blood tests, from basic metabolic panels to more specific metabolic, immunological and microbiological testing. We also offer drug testing.


Bone Density testing

Bone density scans are the GOLD standard screening test for Osteoporosis. This is a completely painless procedure and is done with very low dose X-rays. Individuals who are candidates for this test include post menopausal women, cancer patients who are going to be or have been treated with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, patients who have been using high concentrations of steroids for long periods of time, so this includes chronic asthmatics, COPD patients and patients with autoimmune diseases, to name a few. This test is performed by a physician and results are returned to the patients along with an information package on bone health



Electrical recording of the heart at rest which allows for the determination of any rhythm disturbances or structural change in the heart or its conductive pathways.


Stress Electrocardiogram

This is the electrical recording of the heart but during a series of increasing exercise challenges on a treadmill.

Victoria Clinic

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Monday - Friday: 8.30 - 18.30
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